Lotion Bar - Camellia Green Tea Intense Hydration Formula for Irritated Tired Skin

$35.50 $39.50 -11% OFF

Lotion Bar - Camellia Green Tea Intense Hydration Formula for Irritated Tired Skin

$35.50 $39.50 -11% OFF

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Our Organic Spa Lotion Bar provides a protective and lasting layer of moisture using all-natural, simple ingredients. The bar will melt when warmed by your body heat. Glide them on your body to moisturize your skin. Please note this product works the best is used on warm moist skin after a shower/bath. Less is more. This solid moisturizer as a concentrate form of lotion and a little goes a long way. All you need is a few swipes for long lasting hydration.

Number of essential oils, botanical extracts, minerals and vitamins are infused in this lotion bar formula to nourish your skin without any harsh chemicals, or artificial fragrances and colorants.

This incredibly moisturizing light-weight lotion that provides dry skin with instant hydration and is a great choice for sensitive ageing skin.

Mango Butter& Olive oil base works as an excellent skin moisturizer, especially when applied to wet skin when the pores are open, and can act as a second skin barrier for damaged sensitive skin.

  • Paraben-Free Formula 
  • Restores Natural Hydration 
  • Improves & Evens Skintone 
  • Balances Oil Production 
  • Stops Breakouts /Body Acne 
  • Eliminates Body Odor

This nourishing lotion bar promotes skin with proper hydration, pacifies inflammation, reduces irritation, soothes and supports a restorative care for your perfect and clear complexion.

This hydrating formula is based on ancient herbal healing modalities that promote cellular detoxification, healthy circulation, hormonal balancing, cellular regeneration, and abundant healing so that your skin looks fresh & youthful. It is a self-care ritual to soothe, above all else.


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