BOTANICAL SPA™ Bath Towels Set of 2 - Quick Dry Double Layered Waffle Weave 100% Cotton

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BOTANICAL SPA™ Bath Towels Set of 2 - Quick Dry Double Layered Waffle Weave 100% Cotton

$72.50 $85.50

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Our waffle bath sheet is seriously lightweight—you can even see through the airy weave if you hold it up to the light—but it absorbs water better than even the plushest terry bath towels out there.

Natural waffle weave towels are eco-friendly and dry up to 50% faster than traditional ones, even in humid environments, which makes it a super absorbent bath towel.

This towel is amazing to be used for hair drying. Your hair is weakest when wet, this towel gets the hair to a damp state quickly, reducing unnecessary heat or friction by ordinary hair towels and hair dryers, minimizing frizz and breakage to your hair, and a great help for a healthier, smoother, and more vibrant hair.

You will know these waffle weave towels are made of naturalcotton after the first wash. Only 100% cotton towels will sport little honeycombs across the fabric and shrink after washing.

The appearance of a honeycomb on the fabric is crucial as it provides the expanse needed for water to evaporate from the fabric helping it dry faster.

If you prefer to minimize the shrinkage and shaping of the honeycombs try machine washing with cold water and line dry or air dry the towels.

Made from organic cotton in an airy waffle weave, our towels are pre-tumbled to be soft from day one and gets more so with every wash.


Our Botanical Hair Growth Lab's product lines are based on the physiology and anatomy of hair regrowth and work by stimulating and balancing the scalp health with essential oils and botanical extracts.

The proper hair care with our hair growth line is the first step in treating hair loss problems. It takes 3 months to see new hair grow to a length that is visible by your eyes.

There is no such thing as an instant miracle cure, short of the paint fiber sprays that are purely cosmetic. Your hair grows beneath the skin for months before you ever see it. That's because healthy hair follicles that are not producing hair will need to rest 2 to 4 months before cells start dividing again and new hairs begin to grow. This is the nature of how human hair grows.

Please note that great hair is the result of good health, hair care routine and proper Nutrition. Well-balanced nutritional intake along with the usage of natural hair care products that are high in vitamins and amino acids, is the first step to restore and support successful hair regrowth. Great looking thick lustrous hair start from great health!

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